Monday, November 12, 2012

We all need a spiritual uplift.

A word of counsel. A bit of encouragement. A moment of inspiration.  Sometimes a well-chosen thought is all we need to keep us going.  When I am in my darkest, when the pain emotionally and spiritually, even physically seems to intense, I search for good words; words that uplift and help soothe the soul.  My Facebook page timeline is chalk full of these.  I am usually looking for answers for myself but find when I share them and I can relate to other people it helps me feel even better. 

Here are a few that I read daily, just to keep my going:

Be a woman of Christ.  Cherish your esteemed place in the sight of God.  HE NEEDS YOU.  This church needs you.  The world needs you. (I added this one myself, your children need you).  A woman's abiding trust in God and unfailing devotion to things of the Spirit have always been an anchor when the wind and the waves of life are the fiercest.  ---Jeffery R. Holland---

With all the tsunami's that have happened lately I have seen 90 foot waves toss a battleship onto an open shore.  It puts a new meaning to 'the Spirit will always be an anchor in the wind and waves of life'.  Times in my life when waves were more than 150 feet, I have been able to stay anchored in knowing that God cherishes me and that he knows me. 

My 19 year son and I have grand talks about the gospel. I love our talks because his questions are taking him closer to discovering for himself what is true.  He has to find out for himself but I love when he asks me because it helps me as well.  Today his question was why do we have to work so hard? How do I know that His way is the way? After discussing with him the obvious like being tested, needing to have greater faith, I found a talk in the Ensign by none other than Jeffery R. Holland (you can tell I love him). 

"I am convinced that our life here on this earth is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy.  We are the Church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, and he is our great eternal head.  How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never easy for him? "

I am thankful for personal revelations.   I am thankful for the spirit to guide me so I can guide my children. 


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