Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is there really something to say about an itchy palm?

My grandfather always said whenever I itched my palm that money was coming my way.  I would always think to myself, GOOD cause I need some money to buy some lotion for my itchy palm!  My children are Polynesian, my oldest is 26, so needless to say I have been around the Polynesian community for a good many years.  My mother-in-law, (whom I love dearly and wish she were still with me) always had some Tongan way of making things better.  When I was in nursing school in my early 20's I found out that modern medicine is nice but relying on something that has been passed down from generation to generation so much more reliable.  My number four child was born premature and had underdeveloped lungs.  My mother in law would rub Tongan oil on his back every night those first couple of weeks and his oxygen saturation's went up!  He did not have to be on the horrible prednisone for as long as anticipated.  When my kids would have eye infections, she would tell me to squirt breast milk in their eyes, IT WORKED!  (ps...breast milk is good on small scrapes and bruises as well)  Just saying.  

But what are some other things we have heard? 
  • I have heard that the reason we say bless you is because we sneeze because the devil is tickling our nose so we will inhale when we sneeze. 
  • We are to make a wish on the first Robin of spring, if it flies away before you end your wish will come true. 
  • The number 13 is just unlucky.  PERIOD!
  • No bruising your hair and looking in the mirror at the same time, it calls out the Lady in the Mirror (ooh scared myself right there). 
All fun and games and I am sure I will remember a bucket load more as soon as I finish writing this.  All fun and joking aside, here are some signs and signals that your body tells you when it is time to go the doctor:  (information below can be found in an Article written by Dr. Mark Williams, dermatology written April 13, 2013 www.healthyyou.gov)

Tongue:  Red and beefy looking , sometimes it is a subtle change but it is noticeable.  It is a sign that your vitamin B12 is low.  Vitamin B12 is essential for carrying oxygen throughout your body, if we do not have oxygen throughout our body it affects our brain.

Yellow:  Hands, elbows, feet. 
The appearance of soft, yellowish bumps (called xanthomas) on your body—particularly on your elbows, knees, hands, and feet—can indicate dangerously high cholesterol levels, which increase your risk for cardiovascular problems including heart disease and stroke. These growths, which are painless and can range from very small to wider than three inches, are actually fat deposits that build up under the skin, often when an excess amount of lipids. 
Also yellow eyes could mean there is something wrong with your liver (if you are not a chronic smoker). Chronic smokers have yellow, teeth, eyes, and nails. 

Black: Neck, armpits and groin
Dark, velvety patches found in your armpits and on your neck and groin are likely acanthosis nigricans.  This slow-developing skin condition, which is more common in overweight and obese adults, can be a sign of type 2 diabetes.  It sends skin cells into overdrive, increasing skin thickness and darkening pigment. 

Brown: skin and nails.
We all know that we need to check for brown or black skin mole but do not forget to look under your nails as well.  2 to 3 percent of melanomas are found under the fingernails. 

Listen to yourselves my fine peeps! Your body knows, you just have to listen! And remember....what ever you say about someones else's children....will happen to yours!  (just another saying I heard growing up). 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

The joy of understanding men....

Do we ever know what men are really thinking?  I gave up caring, I am having a hard enough time understanding my own thinking to usually worry about this but I was talking with a fellow doctor today (for almost two hours) on this subject and I have been intrigued ( I will not mention his name due to the fact that he told me if I did he would fire me, but he has a full head of hair and he is a guy, that is enough for me).  I am writing it here before I forget what I have learned and hopefully to help someone who really does care to try to understand men.  Women, if you are married this will be a good conversation starter and the other half of women are not married, this will be a good conversation starter.  LOL. 

The doctor who should not be named said the first thing about understanding men, is to quit trying to understand them.  He said women are over sensitive sometimes and men are not.  Men....usually are not thinking to hard about anything at all. 

When men say, "I love you" and it starts to sound like a robot.  It does not mean that they do not love you.  It just means you love a robot!  hahahahah JK.  If you do happen to get a man who puts emphasise on the words "I love you", then hold him close, and never let him go. 

Men are happy to go shopping but do not expect them to get anything other than what is on the list.  If there is a sale on fingernail polish (my favorite thing) he will not get it for you unless it is on the list.  Too much thinking is involved in this process.  It just wont happen. 

Men like being told that they look good on the way out the door before a dinner party just as much as any woman does—even if they are t-shirt and flip flops.  Men also will need to be told if they smell bad and that they should go do something about it because as our doctor who cannot be mentioned said, "knowing we smell bad doesn't necessarily trigger a need in us not to smell bad." So just tell us to go take a shower and then hide the outfit and say we must've lost it. We'll believe you.
The only time you will see a man walking fast is if he notices that another man walks by him very fast.  The doctor who said he cannot be named states that this happens to him frequently in the airport.  He does not know why he does it, he even left his wife behind with all the luggage so he could win a guy that was going to a different gate.  Primal instinct?  He does not know.  He asks that we (as women) just let it go!!!

Take any random afternoon. Men are glaring. Men are frowning. Men have been silent for two hours. It does not mean they have stopped loving you. They are just driving the car or wondering why someone we report to hates us or missing Ziggy Marley in concert, or wondering what I ate for breakfast that morning.  Iit's not about is (women). They love us. And they will not tell us why they are so unhappy-looking just now because they are embarrassed about it, and now that you've asked twice, the truth is they can't remember, and they are not going to admit that, either.  
I know some of you women want me to ask this, what is men's secret turn on?    Well I DID NOT ASK THAT!  Get a grip people, I work with this guy!  Ask you own men that question. 
Men truly think that being silent helps, this is why....
"Because if we're not talking, we can't say something critical or annoying. We will never understand that being silent can seem critical or annoying. Because we are not talking!"    hhahahahaha I thought that was sooo funny!