Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Uh-Oh moment!

Being a huge fan of Oprah, (now more Ellen, but Oprah has been around way longer) I love reading and hearing how people have their AHA moments.  But there have been more than a few Uh-Oh moments. It is the moment wherein one realizes that something, somehow, has gone terribly wrong. I have collected a few Uh-Oh moments. I am sure we have all collected a few over the years. I am even more sure that I will be adding more to the list.  When I was younger I would say things before I thought about them. I have learned to be more tactful. But as I get older I have found that body functions do not get past the Uh-Oh moment and I do not know which is more embarrassing.  When my sister was here, I laughed so hard I cried down my leg (I blame that on childbirth).  In 7th grade I had a teacher named Ms. Santi. We made fun of her like crazy, she was old, had hair on her face, grunted, burped and yes farted! (can I say that out loud?)  Being 13 and kids, we had a riot making fun of her. But beware children!!! You turn into the person you make fun of.  About three years ago I woke up to one big hair that had grown on my chin. It was not there the night before. It was a Ms. Santi hair!!!!!  I plucked it and by the next morning it was back!  Just in the last year the other stuff has been happening to! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE I SAY!  I am not old.  I am 41 years young, this should not be happening! 
Now there is always the occasional Uh-Oh moment when one is at work and accidentally eats someone else's lunch in the fridge (which is why one should never use a grocery sack for a lunch box). How can someone eat another lunch without knowing? Well, on this day my daughter had packed a lunch for me so I did not know what was in it. So when I grabbed my bag out of the fridge at lunch I was impressed by how well she had packed my lunch. The sandwich was so good. I did not even know we had that stuff in our fridge. As I was stuffing the last bite into my mouth, someone said, Who ate my lunch?..........UH-OH!!!! 

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