Thursday, November 15, 2012

Keep the Mo-Jo flowing...

Inspiration, passion and Motivation are difficult things to hold on to. It seems that they always slip away when they are needed the most.  I have always been the type of person to get things done.  I do not like to procrastinate, but even more now than in the past it has been harder and harder to muster the energy, and sometimes I just lose interest.  We have all heard this before, “just do what you love.”
Sounds good? But it seems like lately it has not been enough to keep me going. 

Goals have always been good to keep me focused and help me not get so burned out. I have kept a notebook, I am really good about calenders and writing down important milestones. One thing I have learned is to appreciate the little accomplishments and let myself enjoy the feeling of getting things done.  This is good for me because I need to have a sense of having things finished.

Many people think that inspiration is random. I feel this is a myth. I feel that inspiration is a skill. It may start out unreliable but we can train it to develop into something we can rely on.  I do this by reading.  I love to read. I feel I receive my inspiration through reading.  I have also been inspired by people. The day to day living of people inspires me. I love to people watch, and to see how people react to different situations.  To be inspired I will surround myself with these things.  My kids are also a huge inspiration to me. They are funny! I really enjoy being around them. I have found that my mo-jo does not flow unless my kids are around me. 

I suppose to keep motivated when doing any task we must eliminate unnecessary tasks.  Through much trial and error I have found that multi-tasking only confuses me, I need to stick to one task until that task is done. Taking breaks helps break up the mundane-ness of the task, and finally, if I just can't seem to get over that hump, I seek help from friends and family. 

I know we have heard this before but we NEED MORE SLEEP. Getting enough sleep takes a conscious decision and takes time to develop. I know I need to rest but it is hard to put my mind at ease when there is some much to do.  That is when I get out my journal and write everything down. Before I was married I would lay in bed at night and think about what I would do if there was a fire (thanks dad), then I would have a plan of what to do if there was an earthquake (dad again), and just about every other scenario in my head.  When I got married my husband told me, you cannot get upset over things that you cannot control. It took a couple of weeks, but now....shoot... I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. What is the use of worrying about it all night, I cant do anything about it until morning anyway. I also have a to do list that really helps me prioritize what I need to do. 
ps....I still always have an escape route when I go into any building or even in my house (my dad is a retired firefighter, and YES, we had drills).

I have found the best way to keep my mo-jo flowing is to meditate (not medicate,although that has helped some people, haha).  I try to spend at least 10 minutes a day in a quiet place, away from distractions to breathe, pray and ponder.  This is what has helped me the most.

I will also never let frustration to the point of exhaustion defeat me. I have a dream.  I will hold onto this dream until it gets done. I do this because I am not only wanting to achieve my goals for me, but for my children as well.

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