Monday, November 5, 2012

I would have never known.....if it weren't for the movies!

The past couple of weeks, the only thing I have been able to do is put my leg up and read or watch TV.  Since I get bored with TV, I have been watching movies.  I have found some interesting things about movies.  This may even be the reason I would rather pick up a book.  In fact, this IS the reason why I would rather read than watch movies.  Now for people who do not understand my sense of humor.  This is suppose to be funny, so laugh with me people!!

1.  In the movies, everyone wakes up with make-up on ready to talk to the person next to them. 

2.  The ventilation ystem of any building is the perfect place for hiding. No one will ever think to look for you there.  Oh, and you can get to anywhere in the building with no difficulty at all, discreetly, with no one hearing you move back and forth. 

3. You are very likely to survive any battle as long as you don't jinx it by telling someone you have someone waiting for you back home.

4.  All you have to do to pass for someone from a different country is have an English accent.  Even if it is Germany or Italian.  English accent is the key to sucess in the movies. 

5.  A man can have his fingernails removed, punched in the gut gazillion times, be hit in the head with a metal bar without even flinching but when it comes to cleaning the wounds by the heroin they flinch!

6.  If you stay in a haunted house you most definitely always need to investigate any strange sound and you have to do it in your underwear that you happen to have even though your car got ran off the road and you had no idea you were going to end up in this house.  (although, I always carry extra underwear, they are not usually that pretty). 

7.  If there is a large glass will always get broken.

8.  Detectives can only solve a case once they have been suspended from duty. 

9.  If you decide to start dancing on the street.  Everyone automatically knows the moves and dance to the music in their heads....(I tried this in real life and I almost ended up in the loony bin).  hahahaha. 

10.  and last but not least, only in movies can you shoot  a pistol over 20 times without reloading!! 

Whew! I would have never known this if I would not have had the time to be off my feet.  Single mother of eight kids......rarely do I get to watch movies.  Good times, good times. 

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