Saturday, November 3, 2012

Really? Decorating with cabbage?

Reading this morning in a magazine this morning; the title reads "Fresh Living, Table of Plenty".  Trade a glass vase for a head of dramatic purple cabbage!!  What? Why would I trade a glass vase for a head of purple cabbage? Now, I am no decorator and I have to admit the coloring of cabbage is pretty but really?  Come on now! Has it really come to being so wasteful? Do we really have so much in our lives that we want to waste a perfectly good cabbage as decoration? Maybe this magazine is just plain running out of ideas.  The magazine says that these are simple ways to bring abundance to the table.  Wrap lettuce leaves around the cups you are going to use and tie with a string.  Oh my gosh, what if dinner starts late?  You will have a brown slimy thing to hold on to while you drink. (I should try that for Halloween next year).  A room decorated with vibrant vegetables reminds us to be thankful. (it really says this people). I am thankful for vegetables when they decorate my plate and are ready to go into my mouth.  Oh! Here's a good one, it says, make a shallow slit in a radish and slip in a place card. This will set the tone for a lush table. Do simple things really mean the most? It says, for the first time your guests may be more interested in leafy kale and turnips than your pumpkin pie.  bwuahahahahahahahaha!!! Really? All you other people can talk about turnips and kale, I will be eating the pumpkin pie!

Now, if reading this, and you want to decorate you table or house with decaying vegetables I will gladly give you this magazine and you can decorate to your hearts content, I am just saying this is not for me.  I never mean to offend, it is never my intent, so calm down and smile a little. 

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