Monday, November 26, 2012

Thats what keeps me going!!!

I love people! I love watching people, I love talking to people, and most of all I love play jokes on people.  I try to keep the positive close and the negative away.  But sometimes positive and negative makes a positive....RIGHT?  Not good at math but I know one of the rules say that.  I have been in kind of a grumpy mood today and one of my patients played a joke on me.  I AM DELIGHTED! It made my day and keeps me going. 

What are some other fuels of fulfillment? I have been thinking of this and I know you are bored with this answer but my kids keep me going.  They are so funny and the older I get, the funnier they are.  Sometimes they can be a burden, but they are also my greatest blessing!  As I will explain below. 

I asked one of my colleagues what keeps her going and she said her burdens.  AMAZING! (do you love the people I work with? I do!!) This helped me remember reading something a couple of months ago.  Please forgive me because I cannot remember where I read it (I made a copy of it and put it in my thankful book)

An old grandfather clock had stood through three generations in the parlor of a quaint country home.
A great-great-grandson who inherited the property was looking at the clock one day. Amazed that it had never missed a minute, he wondered how the aging timepiece could function so well with the heavy weight attached to a chain in the center.
Hoping to remove a burden from the cherished heirloom, the boy removed the weight.
The clock stopped.
“Why did you remove my weight?” the clock asked.
“To relieve you of your burden,” he answered.
“Put it back, please. It’s the very thing that keeps me going,” the clock replied.
Well, there you have it. Burdens are the very things that give our lives meaning and purpose.
This year was suppose to be a good year for me.  Looking back, I brought in the New Year sicker than a dog!!! I should have known that was how my year was going to be.  But these burdens are really blessings in disguise. As the clock said, “they are the very things that keep us going.” It all comes back to that attitude.  It’s not what the situation is, but what we think it is that makes the difference in how we respond.

I’m learning to be thankful for the burdens, because they usually contain the key to many lessons in life.
They sharpen my skills, test my spiritual mettle and challenge my mind.
I’m sure the day will come all too quickly when no one needs me to do the job I do, when no one cares about what I think about anything and when I don’t have a reason to get up in the morning. I plan to make every day count until that happens.

By biggest burden, is also my biggest blessing.  Being needed by my children is the best thing that keeps me going.  There are times when I have needed them, and they keep me going.  Don’t take away the “weight” that keeps us going, and don’t take your burdens lightly. 

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