Friday, November 2, 2012

My sister and family are here from Indiana!!

"Family is one of God's greatest masterpieces."  George Santayana

The best medicine for being sick is family and my sister and her sweet boy have totally made me grow a new layer of skin!! They take me to my happy place.  I have just noticed that I am writing very late but it is because I have had such a fun day visiting with my sister, my brother, my mother and our kids.  It makes me totally miss my other sister in Michigan but I want to make an extra effort to go see her next year. 

Siblings are natures way of creating a slightly (or very) different version of ourselves. That is why my sides hurt from so much laughing that we did today.  It is healing to be able to laugh, and laugh good.  The funny thing with my family is we laugh so hard we do not make noise.  Our eyes close, our mouths are open and we rock back forth.  Anyone passing by would think that we were all having a strobe light moment but real family knows it is just us, passing out because none of us can breathe.  You know we are really tired when we all start crying, but that is really laughing too.  We know each others triumphs and catastrophes and we are bound together under pack codes and tribal laws. 

Daughter with the knee surgery is doing okay.  It has been harder this time to stay on top of her pain but hopefully as day two comes around the pain with start subsiding.  Oh to be young and be able to bounce back so well. 

I really do not know how people can make it through life without a family.  I am so thankful for mine. 

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