Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love talking about is really the only thing I know anything about.

I've really got nothing.  I have been reading articles about Scotland, Ireland, anywhere else but here. (not Hawaii), but anywhere else.  I sit down to write tonight and really have nothing to write. My brain has not been challenged enough today.  A year ago, I was writing 100 page dissertation for college and my mind was going, even  in the night time. A year ago, I was so smart, I didn't understand a single word I was saying.  But this year, my brain has gone on vacation.  So all I can really be is myself...mainly because everything else has been taken.  So lets talk about nothing. 

We all know the person who likes to talk just to hear herself talk (this is me right now). Rambling on about nothing important. I have nothing to say but I AM GOING TO SAY IT ANYWAY!!!!  SO.....
think, breathe, relax, and read on!!!!

the end!!! 

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