Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes life is a bad toothache

I have been thinking again...(usually not a good sign).  But just bear with me for a moment while I recap the days events.  I went to the doctor today, hoping for good news just to find out that I have to be off this foot and leg for another week due to swelling.  I feel so much better but I will not go through this pain again.  It was just too much and next time I am sure I will break in half.  So I am doing what the doctor says and staying off me foot.  So then the usual anxieties come up like...I have not worked for the last month and my income is what this family lives off from so then my blood pressure goes up, stomach starts to hurt, and I worry about everything but my foot and leg.....ANY WHO!!!! Who can get better when there is stress?  It made me think of when I had a toothache.  We all know how horrible a toothache can be.  That kind of pain swallows you head first, cant sleep, eat, or even smile because of the air that will come into your mouth causing even more pain.  To cure a bad toothache all you have to do is go to the dentist, so why don't we? For me it was always because of money.  The dentist only hurts my wallet, and so I sit with a toothache because the wallet could care less, because the wallet is not the one in pain.....Okay, I forgot where I was going with this.  I think in the end we all have bad things happen, but we all need to continue the climb.  When the pain gets bad enough, we go to the dentist, not caring how much it costs, just get rid of the pain. Well in life, as long as we know what we are willing to work for, then that turns into a power that is greater than ourselves and we do it.  So I will listen to the doctor because I want to be around for my kids for a very long time. 

.....and yes I did vote!  

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