Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keepin it rollin

Wow, I haven't seen you since last year! Amazing how time flies when there is so much to do and time keeps moving. Music has been my inspiration lately.  So I am going to try very hard (and use some of my computer knowledge...or NOT) to enlighten you with what I love.  I love to sing.  I use to could play the piano but it is so true what they say about hiding your talent under a bushel, the light goes out.  That is on my bucket list, (so is going to Ireland).  Oh my next blog should be my bucket list!!!  I will for sure do that.  Anywho!!!  Here is some of my through music. 


This song reminds me of Glendale Jr. High.  Me and Melonie Smith danced to this song, in a jungle outfit that was a pillow case.   Oh yes we did!!

This is my all time favorite! This song seen me through many, many nights ~

OHHHH there are many, many days spent listening to my Jam!!

Listening to this songs reminds me of nursing school.  This song got me through school!

When my older four kids were just little, me and their dad had a Nissan Maxima with a sun roof, it was all black.  It was our first car together.  Gas was under $1.00.  We would drive and drive with the sunroof open and this song blaring!  WE WERE SO COOL!!!  We were 19.

I have a plethera of music.  I will continue to share as I walk down memory lane. 

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