Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! 2013 PINKY PROMISE!!

This year has been a year of many triumphs, but it also a year that almost killed me!  I cant help but be very excited! There is apprehension as to what this year will bring but I have a feeling it will be awesome!!!  If we all just tried, each day to be awesome, can you imagine the impact it would have?  We are better than okay!! WE ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!  

Sometimes being awesome will be a smile at a stranger, sometimes being awesome will be play tricks in elevators, sometimes being awesome will be laughing out loud!  I think awesome is knowing that oneself is awesome and letting that awesomeness rub off onto someone else.  Be more thankful for each day, each breath we take, each person who brings good into our life.  THAT IS AWESOME! 

 I have had much heartache in my life but over the years, I have weeded that garden and now I can see all the beautiful flowers that have blossomed.  Once the weeds are gone, the garden can flourish!  Weed your gardens, keep the weeds out! Surround yourself with people who appreciate you because THAT IS AWESOME!!  Happy New Year my blogging buddies.  Pinky promise to PLEASE BE AWESOME!!! 

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