Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Working each day with insurance companies can sure put the mean bug in anyone.  ME! not usually! So today I need to vent just a little bit about people who are in the line of work to save peoples lives....INSURANCE COMPANIES?   I usually work with professionals from insurance companies.  Mostly other nurses who know their stuff.  I enjoy calling them and I can talk with them on a first name basis.  Heck, I even have some of their numbers on my speed dial.  But today, as I have a cancer patient waiting for a pre-authorization to have a bone marrow transplant the bug hit me and I had to take out my ANGRY EYES!  I do not want to name names of the insurance company but the hint I will give; it is a federally funded, state insurance company.  I do not know this woman and she was obviously frustrated (at me? I do not know why, I was very pleasant for the first 45 minutes waiting for someone to pick up the phone).  I explained that my patient needed this transplant  yesterday (they usually do) and proceeded to tell me that they are still working on November stuff and do no see authorization for at least a couple of weeks.  Biting my tongue I said that he might not have another couple of weeks for which she said, that is not my problem.  WOW!!!  I hope the next time you get cancer that you have someone like you holding your life in your hands!!!!  I asked to speak to a supervisor (waiting another half hour) who told me basically the same thing, except she added....every time you call it wastes our time to talk to you.   OH MY BAD!!!! If you were doing your JOB, I would not have to CALL! (sorry that was my angry eyes).  In the end, my heart is sad because my poor patient will have to have another round of chemotherapy so the cancer does not ravage his body before Christmas.  So I ask you..... BAA-HUM-BUG? 

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