Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am totally amazed at how the Universe works!.  I learned many years ago that if you just put something out there, into the Universe that amazing results happen.  It may take a while (I am still waiting for my ten million), but it can happen.  The Universe works for me in the way of finding people.  Today marked about the seventh time that this has happened to me.  I will usually attempt to try and find that person, and if I run into a dead end, I will write their name on a piece of paper and put it in my purse.  Every so often, when I see the name, I will think of them again.  

Back when I was 16 and pregnant, I was in a program called Teen Mom.  It was up at the University of Utah, and I have to say that this program was the changing point of my life (so was having a baby at 16).  But these women did not judge me, they just had genuine love and cared for me.  I went back to them again at 18 when I had my second child.  When I had my third and fourth child I seen one of the pediatricians in their own private office until my kids got very old.  It was a very long, wonderful friendship.  I had been thinking of this certain doctor since I graduated college.  I wanted to give back to the Teen Mom program, so I called up there and asked for the doctors in charge. I left my name and number many times to no avail.  No one would ever take me serious enough to call me back.

TODAY........I generally get a ride to work every day by my daughter.  Something I really love because I hate to park and I love the talks we  have together every morning when we are together.  Today, I have a meeting at another hospital so I had to drive.  Even when I got out of bed this morning, I had this urgency to hurry up.  Even though I tried to suppress it, I ended up being ready early.  My other daughter was leaving for school so I told her I would take her (it is 9 degrees outside people....freezing).  Anyway, this is something else that I generally do not do.  I seemed to hit every green light (which never happens).  When I got to work I decided to take the elevator ( I generally take the stairs) but my foot was hurting so I took the elevator.  As soon as I got off the elevator I run into my life long friend!!! The doctor I have been thinking about, who made such an impact in my life! I immediately gave her the biggest hug.....I think she thought she was being mugged.  LOL.  But then she realized who I was and we were able to have the best talk in 25 years! This woman is amazing and I really do think that her example helped paved me into the person I am today (besides my mother).  So driving myself to work, taking my daughter to school, being ready earlier than normal, taking the elevator instead of the stairs, all lead up to this meeting.  Thank you UNIVERSE! You are AMAZING!!!  And thank you, Dr. Kathleen Mcelligot for being such an inspiration to me!

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