Friday, April 26, 2013

SALVE. remedy?

I am a huge fan of reading magazines.  I like to read for fun.  It took me a good two months after I finished school before I quit taking notes on everything I read (CONFESSION:  I still do take notes.....ARGH!).  I came across an article about SALVE.  I cannot remember if it was Rachael Raye or Oprah but one of those magazines. The reason why I stopped because the headline read Love + Kindness= thinner thighs.  I am like......ya right.....right?  I am going to use ideas from this article.....although I cannot remember exactly how it went.  The article just got my thought process going.  I will add my own thoughts (which is a very scary thing)  LOL.  Enter at your own risk.....

Happy people are as unique and beautiful as snowflakes, while unhappy people are tediously, monotonously, excruciatingly the same.  Which is why I am not a psychologist.  Unhappy people drive ME crazy!  LOL.  Most unhappy people need to learn just one lesson: how to see themselves through the lens of genuine compassion and treat themselves accordingly. So does that make all unhappy?  We are our own hardest critic.  I am not asking us to become narcissists.  I am asking you to give yourself the acceptance, love, and esteem you'd give your best friend. They used the term SALVE: self-acceptance, love, value, esteem. No matter what problem you're facing, from a dreary commute to the end of your marriage, a little SALVE never hurts, and it almost always helps.
Shall we try it?  Here is what we have to do!!! 
We all know that being accepted unconditionally feels wonderful, while being hated, rejected, and shamed is devastating.  So WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES?  If you won't apply SALVE for your own sake, at least do it for others'. Believing that you're not doing enough, that you need to work harder, often comes from a desire to give more to others: You "sacrifice" yourself out of love. But your nearest and dearest won't feel this love; they'll feel what you feel about yourself. This strange truth seems to have something to do with mirror neurons, brain cells that play a role in our ability to share other people's emotions. It takes the Golden Rule to a whole new level: Feel about yourself what you would have others feel about themselves. Once we have self acceptance, the weight starts coming off, we will get hired for that job we want and people want to be around us.  Learning to apply SALVE aligns you with truth: the truth that heals, the truth that enriches the world, the truth that finally lets you be uniquely, perfectly you.


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