Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Me and my BIG MOUTH!

You think that with my age, wisdom would generally come with that?  NOPE, not ME!  It seems my mouth and mind are becoming a free flowing river as I get older.  I use to care about peoples feelings and stop myself from saying things but now I just say it (and generally suffer the consequence) Sorry in advance to all my friends.  I blame it on my throat chakra and my son giving me a beautiful pendant that is suppose to help me open my throat chakra.  Or maybe it has happened even before that, who knows?  Sometimes I tell myself, don't open your mouth unless you have something to bite down on, but since food is not my friend anymore, all I get is air......

Some examples: 

  • Oh, I love to sing Karaoke!  I end up singing for our work Christmas Party (and if you have a video of this, I WILL HURT YOU IF YOU POST IT). 
  • YES! I was in drill team!  I end up doing a drill team routine for  a patient!  Now in my defense, I was trying to make my patient happy, and made her laugh hysterically at my expense.  Next time I will use two ears and listen, instead of my one mouth.  LOL. 
  • I like my patients to feel at ease and sometimes when I walk in I do not think and say...Relax, I 'm easy.........um!!!!! NOT!!!!  but of course the air is not heavy enough to shut my mouth before it opens. 
  • The last example that you can all laugh at me for....is one that I am not proud of and I went redder than red and even to this day, when I think of it, I go RED.  I was getting onto an elevator and the guy asked me if I was going down.  I said, "I love going down".........complete silence.  I did not talk for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!  
The best therapy for helping my open mouth chakra is to hum, sing, chant, and sometimes scream.  So if you see me doing any of these......YOU WILL KNOW WHY!   LOL. 

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