Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I sitting in a conference, full of doctors and nurses and this is what I hear........It is a sad day for the white man in America.  The government is giving my hard earned money to minorities and to women!  He was not addressing the group (THANK HEAVENS) he was sitting in front of me, talking to a group of....Women!!!!   Not one of them said anything, feeling the need to act overwhelmed me and I lost all willingness to be nice!  I put in my angry eyes and tapped him on the shoulder and said, 'Excuse me, I could not help but overhear your ignorance.  I think it is a sad day in America when a white man still has such delusional ideas.  You SIR are a bigot, and I pity you, I am embarrassed for you and hope that you never break down in my neighborhood which is predominately women.....and minorities.  We will be the one's offering you a ride, we will be the ones digging you out of the snow.  And SIR, I am a women and I pay taxes....plenty of them!  No man pays my taxes for me. It is me!
.......WAITING FOR APPLAUSE!!!!!  NOPE! I got crickets!!!  The women around me all turned their heads....I got up and walked out.  Sorry my Mormon friends but WHAT THE HELL?????  

As I was leaving one women did get up and follow me.  She explained to me that the reason she did not say anything is because she works with this man.......AND????   It does not make it right? Maybe the reason why this man still is so dumb is because no one has ever taught him otherwise.  When someone is born into wealth, poverty is not taught.  This man fits the typical model of wealth, he probably came from old money so he has never had to make the connections, so he assumes.  Hence the reason why I feels sorry for him.  I can not even begin to think of what driving force has been ingrained into this mans head.  For the wealthy, especially those from old money, decisions are based on tradition and social connections.  They already have security.  I find this sad.  My life have brought character, my life of heartbreak and pain has made me the person I am today.  It made the person who would stand up to the WHITE AMERICAN MAN!    

off my soapbox.....feeling much better.  Thank you,

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