Monday, February 18, 2013

Sit back and say ahhh...

Whatever you are worrying about, or stressing about right now (or worrying about stressing over), put it on the back burner while I try to explain to you about the beauty of now.  Yes life is stressful,  sometimes life is downright horrible but I have learned something lately and that is to find peace in the beauty of being, and the beauty of now. 

I have had a blessed day off work today and as I woke up on my own alarm clock, (with the sun), I heard the most joyous children laughing.  Somehow, that cheer ran through me, and I realized in that moment that this is it! This is really what it every is! and I will love every moment of it.  There are times when life is dark and gloomy, and even down right scary.  But the moment we have every day is NOW. 

So how do we stop the stressing and focus on the now?  That is a good question that I have to remind myself of daily.  Here are my reminders: 

  • Create a saner to do list
  • Today go with the flow, do not let the little things bother you.
  • Find inner peace by breathing, thinking green ( I do this one alot), flex your feet, relax your face, take a break. 
  • Find a nice place to breathe (mine is usually the bathroom) 
  • Find the joke in the stress and laugh, laugh, laugh.
  • Music, calming, good music. 

Remember when your body is stressed your brain strains, you have memory loss, your stomach gets upset, it is bad for your heart, and (I know this from school) you can even have fertility problems. 

Every day try to exercise your soul.  Sometimes to do this you have to serve others.  It does my soul good to serve others.  It is so hard to find the time to serve (which can sometimes cause stress) but I tell myself that serving can be as simple as smiling and saying hello to someone. 

I have found though that my childrens laughter and having fun with my children is the best thing for me. I have been blessed with so much and I will take every moment I can get! 

Time to laugh!!!  Fun with my kids.  

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