Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My favorite time of year.  Usually, when I am not wrapped from knee to foot, I plan on dressing up, but this year, I will play the part of a patient.  LOL.  Always for the kids.  I love doing fun things for my kids.  I was much funner when my older four were young.  Now my older kids make sure the younger kids have fun.  I thank them for that. 

Passing out candy tonight took its toll on my leg and foot.  Next year will be much better.  My older kids took the younger kids trick or treating so it was me for a little while.  The good thing about having many children.  Bella came just in time to give treats to the nations.  I mean nations.  We went through 8 bags of candy and started giving out pencils.  Its 9:00 at night and we are about to hand out water and air. 

I am glad that everyone is home and safe. 

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