Saturday, August 17, 2013


The hardest part in life is one's twenties.  Its a shame because that is when we are the most gorgeous, and physically peak condition. But its actually when we were the most insecure and full of self-doubt. Says who?  I know plenty of 20 year old's (my daughters included) who have not been afraid to hit the ball with boldness.  My daughter wakes up every morning and says to everyone who can hear her, "I'm young as morning and fresh as dew, everybody loves me and so do you!".  Life takes perseverance but when we were twenty the future was endless, full of fascinating possibilities.

When I was in my 20's I was busy having babies.  I had four by the time I was 23. My future was to raise the future.  I was very insecure in my 20's but I had created my own cheering squad; my kids actually charted my course to success.  I grew up with my kids and they have taught me many things; how to swear is among them, but not the one we will talk about today.  They have helped me find my inner light and now I am letting it shine.  I seen myself how my kids seen me....flaws and all...and guess what?? They still love me! 

One of the hardest things for me to learn about confidence is learning to take a compliment.  I have relished in criticism.  When someone would tell me I could not do something, you can bet your bottom dollar that I loved proving them wrong and criticism is easier to take because most of the time, I agreed with them.  But when I do something good and someone takes time to stop and tell me I did a good job, or that my hair looks nice (after not even washing it that day...always happens) then I am going to be fair enough to them to say, "Thank you! that really means so much to me and it means a lot."  

I am going to share some self esteem boosters that I have learned over the years with what I will call my confidence kit: 
  • Sit up straight!  Good posture suggests confidence.  We all know this...RIGHT?  No way can we show confidence if we are acting like Eeyore. 
  • Smell good. (this includes bathing).  You do not have to bathe in perfume but when I am not feeling myself I will sniff my wrist, the scent gives me confidence.  Anyway, even if I am butt ugly someone will always say...mmmmm you smell good! 
  • Nod when you are speaking with people.  To verify....nod in agreement, DO NOT nod asleep.  LOL.  You can even nod in disagreement but it shows you are listening and shows confidence. 
  • Do an occasional fist pump! This is fun when done in a group, but when someone does something good at work or at play, a good fist pump gives you the confidence to face the world. 
  • Breathe! This can be said about so many things but when we mindfully meditate it will increase our self-acceptance. 
  • This last one is my favorite...Strike a pose! Picture yourself with torpedo busts like Wonder Woman, Stick them out and let your cape fly!  It works wonders!  (this can also be used with fist pump for an extra boost). 
My team: (fist pump)  JOB WELL DONE! 

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